Thursday, May 28, 2009

Words With Wiley

Just wanted to share some sweet and some funny comments Wiley has made lately!

While I was opening the Living Room windows, Wiley said, "May I play outside, Mama? It's such a nice day out there!" (said with such a sweet and irresistible smile.

"Let's make a hosey like the football players do." (huddle)

"Sam-iche" (sandwich)

Shane has been teaching Wiley about football plays. This morning he said, "Daddy, I want to do a plassing pay." (passing play)

Wiley had a boo boo and I told him I'd put some neosporin on it. He replied,
"Don't put some neosporin on it. It's just a baby size one." (And yes, he says neosporin correctly!)

"Evie's not spit-uping. She's doing a good job obeying. She's not spit-uping."

While putting Wiley down for a nap, he asked Shane what they were going to do after his nap. Shane replied, "Right now we're going to lie down and then when you get up, we'll take it from there." Wiley replied, "What does it mean, we'll take it from there?"

Wiley was asking me if he could play Shane's big guitar. I told him no but was somewhat distracted. He kept asking and then said, "Please may I play Daddy's guitar, it's good for me."

Everyday there are so many, I can't even begin to record them all, but thought I'd try with some at least! Enjoy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Love My Kiddos

Though everyday has its challenges, I love being Wiley's and Evie's Mama and wouldn't trade it for anything. Just wanted to share some of my favorite recent photos with you.

This photo is so typical - Wiley (quite literally) has me in the choke hold while Evie is getting fussy at "just the right time", meanwhile I'm tricking myself into believing that we are posed and ready for the camera! Ahhh... the joys of motherhood!

Wiley, being his cute little self.

Evie striking her, "Aren't I just too adorable?" pose!

Evie is 2 Months!

Thank you, Lord, for such a happy and healthy "little lady". You have given Evie such a sweet personalilty and disposition. We appreciate all her smiles and coos and look forward to many more. Guide us in raising her to be a lady who loves you with all of her heart, soul, and mind. Amen.

Thought I would add these last 2 photos for fun! I caught her sleeping in this pose - looked like she was trying to listen for something. The other photo was taken right after her nap. She had slept on her side and her hair was sticking straight up on the top like a miniatrue mohawk. Cute face too!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Words With Wiley

* Shane was sitting on the floor. Wiley came and sat down behind Shane and said, "Look behind you, Daddy." Shane turned part way around to look at Wiley. Wiley could only see half of Shane's face and so he said, "Where's your other eye?"

* Shane was sitting in Wiley's room during naptime trying to get Wiley to sleep. Wiley was very squirmy and kept moving around on his bed. At one point he moved forward to where his head was hanging off the bed. Shane said, "Why don't you scoot down so your head is on your pillow." Wiley replied, "Okay. That's a great idea!"

* Every time Evie spits up or poops, Wiley says, "Oh, I don't like that!"

* Shane was reading Wiley a book before naptime. Wiley kept asking Shane what the different things on each page were. He thought Wiley was asking because he was curious, but apparently he was quizzing Shane instead because at one point he said, "What's that?" Shane said, "It's a bird." Wiley replied, "Actually, it's a robin." (We had read Wiley this bird before and it does say "robin")

* This morning, Wiley was sitting in his high chair, playing with his food. He was completely engrossed in what he was doing and not paying a bit of attention to Evie who was over in her swing. Suddenly, he said, "Evie has little ears, Mommy."

* Abra Brr-dabra - Abra Cadabra

* Are we going to Kirsten's concrete? (Kirsten's concert)

* Wadies an Genwamen - Ladies and Gentlemen