Monday, March 22, 2010

Words With Wiley

I've been jotting these down as they've happened but am just now getting a chance to post them. Enjoy! I expect your sides will hurt with laughing over some of these!

* "Why do bigger people have bigger noses? I don't like the way of that. Cause I have a little nose."

* "You're beautiful, Mommy."
Me: "Awww. Thank you, Wiley"
Wiley: "You're not as beautiful as a mermaid though. You're just a little beautiful."
(Hey, what woman can compete with a mermaid? :)

* Me: "So, what do you want for breakfast?"
Wiley: (Standing beside me with us both looking into the pantry) "You know what I want?" (Turning to me with a huge, mischievous smile) "I want a kiss!" (Obviously I gave him his breakfast request!)

* "Evie's super powers could be that she can spit up on bad guys and the other times she can cry loud and hurt their ears."

* Wiley came over to me, climbed up on my lap, and said, "You're my sweet darling. You're a lovely mommy." (Needless to say, my heart melted!)

* Me: "Wiley, what does the rain help us with?"
Wiley: "When it rains and it puddles, you can put your GI Joe scuba divers in it!" (Of course! That's why God makes rain.) :)

* The other day Wiley had his shirt off, wrestling his stuffed lion, and pretending to be Samson from the Bible. I made him go get me some toilet paper to blow his nose with. Afterwards in all seriousness he said, "When Samson was fighting the lion, Mommy, he didn't blow his nose."

* He is constantly trying to negotiate with us and here is his most popular tactic:
"Because I'm 3 years old, may I have 3 cookies?" OR
"May we wrestle 3 times before bed since I'm 3 years old?"
He's really gotten smart lately - If I say yes to something, he'll follow it up with
"How old are you, Mommy?" (Oh no you don't - We don't even have that many cookies!)

* I love how he says these words:
"Camel lope" (cantaloupe)
"Pwug-lix" (Publix - our grocery store)

He's such a neat, smart, funny, silly, creative little guy! We are so thankful for the honor and privilege of being his parents.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Evie turns 1!

I wish I could've updated you on Evie's 10th and 11th months but life has been crazy! She has been growing like a weed though. She just celebrated her first birthday this past Sunday, March 14. We can't believe a whole year has passed since our little lady has joined our family. We were so thankful to still be living in SC so that we could celebrate her first birthday with our family. We kept things simple and just invited our immediate families over for pizza, cake and ice cream. Evie's party was a ladybug theme, as that is the nickname her Motty and Poppy gave her along with the fact that we've called her our "little lady" from almost the beginning. My sister made an adorable Ladybug cake for her - thanks Aunt Dawnie! I made Evie her own personal little ladybug cake, which she had a blast digging into! We all, of course, had a blast watching her!

* Evie had been standing on her own for brief seconds, but really stood on her own for quite awhile on February 7. It was the night before Shane flew to PA for his new job. He had just put Wiley to bed when she stood by herself. We got so excited and immediately began trying to get her to walk back and forth to us. She took her first steps that night and has been getting better and better, and braver and braver about it ever since. She can make it halfway across our big living room without falling - way to go, Lady! (I'm so glad we could both be there for her first steps!)

* She weighed 17 lbs and 8 oz at her 1 year checkup and is doing really well - just "little" :)
* Her favorite thing to do is eat, and boy can she eat (which is so funny since she's so little).

* Her favorite playmate is definitely Wiley, and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon.

* She loves to dance and play peek a boo!

* She loves taking baths!

We are so thankful to be her parents and for the blessing of getting to see her grow each and every day. We love you, Evie Lydia Louisa Parker!!!!!!! Happy First Year!

Long Time, No Blog! A Lot to Update You On

It's been awhile since my last posting and I'm sorry. I've finally gotten a chance to sit down and download some photos. A lot has happened with our family since our last posting so let me update you on the biggest things:

Shane got a great job as the Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is working under his former supervisor from Southern Seminary (who he really admires and loves working with). He began the job mid February and has been commuting by plane every other week since then.

We listed our home for sale mid February, but after a month on the market with absolutely zero activity, we have realized that it is not God's plan for us to try and sale at this time. (Due to the market, if we were to sell at this time, we would accrue a great deal of debt just to get out of our house. So, like always, God was watching out for us and prevented us from even getting any possible offers that we may have been desperate enough to take.)

Instead, God has provided a wonderful Christian family to rent our home from us! We are nervous about the prospect of renting our home out as that can always be risky and renting a home is also so very new to us. However, God is in control and we must leave it in His hands.

Shane has found a great home near his work in PA for us to rent. So as it stands now, we are moving up to PA on April 1.

Due to moving into a rental, we really needed to find another home for our dog, Jed. Most of you know Jed. He has been with us since January 2003. God graciously provided a wonderful home for Jed. Some friends of ours had been wanting a dog. God really worked out all of the details and Jed has made a smooth transition over to their family. He has already fallen in love with them it seems and they with him. Thank you, God. We will love and miss you, Jed.

I wanted to fill you in on all that has happened to say . . . "Our God is good! God graciously provides! I praise You, God, that You always see and know all the details, that You always have a plan, that Your plan is always for our good and Your glory, even we we don't see and our faith is failing. Thank You that when we think we know what is better, You ALWAYS know what is best! God, You rock!!!!!!!