Saturday, November 7, 2009

October Happenings

Introducing the amazing . . . Banana Boy!

I love my young man!

Sibling Fun!

I love my little lady!

This Halloween, we had a variety of costumes. Wiley couldn't decide what he wanted to be. We had multiple events the last week of October, so he started as Indiana Jones, then he became a carpenter, then ended as a doctor. Evie was a bunny but went on Halloween night as a doctor due to the hot temperatures. The kids had a blast!

We had a Halloween party with our small group again this year and had a great time. Shane dressed as a magician and Evie was the rabbit in his hat. Wiley was Indiana Jones, and I was Strawberry Shortcake.
The magician and his rabbit in the hat!
Indiana Jones!

Beautiful Bunny!

Fun at the pumpkin patch!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Book by Dr. Parker

Shane worked very hard last year on co-authoring a book with a friend of his. The book is getting published spring 2010! Here's the link to the book The photo above is his book cover. We are praying God will use this book in mighty ways to impact people for missions! I'm so very proud of you, Shane. I love you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soccer Time

So we decided to sign Wiley up for 3 year old soccer this fall. He has enjoyed it, but I think his favorite part is the snack he gets after the games! It is too cute watching those little ones running around out there. They don't have a clue what they are doing and it is too funny! Wiley spends most of his time out there playing in the net, falling down, and tackling the other kids. He can't seem to get it that there is no tackling in soccer :) We are thankful he has a good time and that it's such a fun way to get exercise and maybe make some new friends.

Evie has been enjoying cheering for Wiley at his games and practices!

Edisto and Family

We enjoyed a great visit mid September with Shane's parents at Edisto Beach. Wiley went a few days early with them on his first out of town trip without Mommy and Daddy and had a blast. Thanks Motty and Poppy for the special memories he was able to make with you. We came a few days later. Evie got to have her first trip out on the beach and enjoyed a nice nap while there. Beautiful weather and beautiful time with family!

Sibling Fun!!!

Wiley and Evie always have fun together. Wiley loves playing with Evie and always asks to do so. Evie eats up every minute with him and it's obvious in her eyes that she absolutely ADORES him!!!

Wiley loves to get in Evie's crib with her. The other day when Evie awoke from her nap, Wiley climbed in the crib and they enjoyed Daddy reading them a story.

I love watching them play together and am praying they will grow to be best friends, always loving and putting the other before themselves.
Wiley loves when Evie "tickles" him - of course, as ticklish as he is and with her little fingers, any kind of touch from her absolutely makes him squirm and laugh!!!

Lord, thank You for allowing us to know Wiley and Evie and for the privilege of being their Mommy and Daddy. Please grow them to love You and to love one another more and more everyday. May they always treat each other with love and respect. May they encourage one another to look to You and grow in You moment by moment. Give us the wisdom to raise them to be a man and woman who fear You and seek to honor You in all they do and say.

Evie is 7 Months!

This has been a big month for Evie. There have been lots of firsts!!!

* First started crawling - September 21st, 27 weeks old

*First pulled up and standing - 28 weeks old

* First ate solids - 28 weeks old
* First time on the beach - September 14, on her 7 month birthday :)

* First started babbling. Her new sound is "buh, buh". Wiley is very encouraging as her older brother and often says, "Good job saying your buh's, Evie!"

* She is about to cut her first two teeth on the bottom and is drooling everywhere and chewing on everything!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evie is 6 Months!

Evie turns 6 months old on September 14th! Wow! Can't believe our little lady has been with us for half a year already. Time has flown by. God has blessed her with such a sweet disposition and she has brought so much joy to our family! We are praying she will continue to grow healthy and strong and most of all that she will grow to love the Lord!
This month has been a big month developmentally for her. She began pushing up onto all fours and rocking about two weeks ago. She can get her knees crawling forward but hasn't yet figured out she needs to move her hands so she keeps doing face dives (which Wiley finds simply hilarious!) Also, September 5th she sat up unsupported for the first time. She is really getting mobile and we just know she'll be crawling anytime now.
I had to include this photo of Evie with my mom. I think it's a great photo. (I love her cute little pose with her feet too - she looks like she's just chillin!)

Crazy Wiley Moments

The other day we were coloring with markers. One fell under the table and Wiley crawled underneath to get it. He wasn't under there but a few seconds and this is how he emerged! "Look Mommy! I made a moustache!"

Lately we've found Wiley has been climbing out of his bed and sleeping in the rocker in his bedroom. Couldn't resist snapping a few cute photos for memory sake (notice the drool on the ottoman!) We have since removed the rocker and he seems to be staying in bed better.

What can I say about this one... He's his mother's son (fell asleep reading)!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Note on previous post

A dear friend of ours, Katie Kizziah, is a very gifted writer. This was her comment about my previous post of Wiley telling me he loves me and my savings at the grocery store:

"Praise the Lord for moments you can't put a price tag on and for those moments you don't have to pay the price on the tag!"

Amen to that, Katie!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table preparing my coupons and grocery list. Evie was still asleep upstairs and Wiley was playing in the Living Room (Shane is out of town for a couple of days teaching). Wiley suddenly stops playing, runs over to me, and says, "Mommy, I've got to tell you something!" I asked him what and he whispered, "I was you!" (Which is how he says I love you) It was one of the sweetest moments! Needless to say we had a very sweet and very fun hug/tickle session right after that!!!

(On a much smaller note, I got $87.00 worth of groceries for only $23.00 today. I'm loving this whole couponing thing! Double blessings so far in this fine day!!!)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Monday, August 24th, is my parents 35th Anniversary. My siblings and I decided to give them a nice celebration. We did a renewal of their vows ceremony complete with a mini reception. We surprised Mom with having Grandaddy there to "give her away again". Shane officiated the wedding and wrote out a beautiful service for them. It was really special when he asked, "Who gave this woman to be married to this man 35 years ago?" We are all so thankful that Grandaddy was able to be a part of this special event. My youngest sister and brother stood in as Mom's maid of honor and Dad's best man. The 3 grandsons walked in as ring bearers and the eldest granddaughter Kirsten carried the other granddaughter, Evie, in as flower girls. We got their original kneeling bench down out of the attic. Grandaddy made this for them to use in their wedding 35 years ago. They were very surprised to see the old bench! It was a beautiful service and very special for us kids and grand kids to be able to watch this renewal of their commitment to one another!!!

After the ceremony, we served them a private meal. Kirsten was their waitress and did a fabulous job!

After dinner, we had a mini reception. My sister Dawn made a precious wedding cake for them. There is a story behind the characters on this cake. Years ago a friend of my parents drew two precious cartoon characters with the saying "Love is..." . These framed drawings have hung over their bed for as long as I can remember. So my sister recreated the characters, though a little more gray and a little more bald, and wrote on the cake "Love is...35 years together"

After the cake, we watched a wonderful video that my sister and brother put together. It was really creative and well made. The video opened with footage of each member of our family then was followed with a slide show of photos put to music. The photos chronicled Mom's and Dad's relationship from dating, engagement, and marriage and ended with photos of the grand kids. Dawn made copies of the video for all of us to have. After we watched the video, we sent Mom and Dad home. We had decorated their car and we blew bubbles as they went to their car.

It was so much fun and very special to be able to do this for Mom and Dad. They have demonstrated a beautiful marriage relationship to us 4 kids and are now doing so for their grand kids. Thank you Mom and Dad for honoring your commitments to one another and to God over these past 35 years. We are praying that the Lord will bless you with several more years together, happy and in love! We love you!