Thursday, February 5, 2009

Words With Wiley

The Lord has blessed Wiley with such a precious personality! We love listening to him talk and seeing more and more of his character every day. Some of his words/phrases/comments make us laugh like nothing else can! Just thought I'd share some of his most recent with you:

* "Bangcocks" - Gamecocks

* "Don't worry, I'll protect you, Mommy!" - after telling me the "Hulk" was after us.

* "Sninks" - Stinks. Of course, this is always said with a curled up nose!

* "Darth Vadar Water" - When I asked him what my bouquet of flowers smelled like. And no, we have no idea what that means!

* "You want marshmalls on your salad?" - While playing kitchen. Marshmallows (and no, we don't use marshmallows as a sallad topping in our house!)

* Mommy - "Wiley, we're home. We're going inside."
Wiley - "I take my shoes off."
Mommy - "That's good. That way we won't get the carpet dirty."
Wiley - "Oh no! We don't want that to happen!"

* Wiley giving Shane a toy ice cream cone - "Daddy, hold it by the handle." (Referring to the cone.)